Step Back to Fundraising Success

Fundamental to the sustainability and mission achievement of any nonprofit is the availability of funding and resources. The challenges are finding the balance between short term funding and development of long term relationships, as well as the need to differentiate your organization’s value proposition.

Interning is a two-way street

Interning is a two-way street. So says Jane Baxter Lynn of JBL Strategies who has worked with more than 60 interns in a variety of capacities over many years. She recognized that the keys to successful internship programs are effective organization and clear communication. Read how to make interning a win-win for everyone.

Have you hugged a Board member today?

Board engagement or lack thereof, is a constant frustration for nonprofit leaders. Having a strong, committed board of directors is often crucial to the ongoing success of a nonprofit. As a team, they bring many skills and experience to support the organization’s leadership in carrying out their mission. So what’s the problem?