Interning is a two-way street

Interning is a two-way street. So says Jane Baxter Lynn of JBL Strategies who has worked with more than 60 interns in a variety of capacities over many years. She recognized that the keys to successful internship programs are effective organization and clear communication. Read how to make interning a win-win for everyone.

While working with her interns, Jane recognized that the keys to successful internship programs for everyone involved are effective organization built on project focus and intentional preparation, and clear communication about the role and what the opportunities are for growth. With her interns, Jane has written a three-part article on tips for making internships a win-win for everyone.

Taking into account that interning needs to be a two-way street, the article addresses:

  1. A general overview of what is involved.
  2. What employers can do when hiring interns.
  3. How interns can get the best out of their internships.

To read the article click here.

You can also listen to an October 2022 interview with Jane and one of her past interns Lauren Cook about the value of internships (Panel discussion starts at 6:54) 

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