Developing a proposal mindset©

Developing a proposal mindset, the concept of presenting a proposal when seeking a decision, can be key to getting to yes more often, more collaboratively and more efficiently. Using a proposal simplifies and speeds up decision-making, and reduces time spent by others analyzing and assessing the implications and potential solutions of an issue.

Trends for nonprofit survival in 2022

After the two+ years of exceptional circumstances challenging nonprofits, deciding how to move forward can be overwhelming. JBL Strategies invited David C. Smith, CEO of United Way for Greater Austin, to share his perspective on trends for nonprofit survival in 2022, highlighting people, leadership and uniting as key.

Former Board Members – Hidden Assets

Former board members are hidden assets in plain sight! They typically have a wealth of knowledge, experience and a passion for your mission and can be powerful contributors in strengthening your organization for years to come. Capitalize on their value by intentionally keeping them involved in whichever way works for them and your organization.