Developing a proposal mindset©

Developing a proposal mindset, the concept of presenting a proposal when seeking a decision, can be key to getting to yes more often, more collaboratively and more efficiently. Using a proposal simplifies and speeds up decision-making, and reduces time spent by others analyzing and assessing the implications and potential solutions of an issue.

Why do I care

Why do you care?

The most important question for achieving an engaged nonprofit board is to ask regularly “Why do you care?” An organization that loses sight of the answer to this question is likely not going to have an inspired and engaged board.

Cash reserves key for nonprofit survival

Cash reserves are key for nonprofit survival. The number one reason nonprofits fail is the lack of positive cash reserves. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that they are in place. We invited nonprofit operations consultant Sean Hale to share with us his thoughts on how best to address this important issue.

Former Board Members – Hidden Assets

Former board members are hidden assets in plain sight! They typically have a wealth of knowledge, experience and a passion for your mission and can be powerful contributors in strengthening your organization for years to come. Capitalize on their value by intentionally keeping them involved in whichever way works for them and your organization.