leadership + strategy + communication = mission accomplishment

Strategic Leadership Essentials comprise leadership, strategy and communication, which combined together enable an organization to accomplish its mission.

Obvious as it may seem, it is unlikely an organization will be successful unless the leader or leaders know where the organization is going, what it wants to achieve, who the various stakeholders are and have clear communication strategies in place to engage everyone in the process.

According to JBL Strategies, a nonprofit advisory business, based in Austin, Texas, when running a nonprofit, or for that matter a for-profit business, intentional alignment of these three key essentials results in:

Clarity, consistency and relevance throughout the organization.

Increased capacity ensuring everybody is on the same page so less time is spent explaining the purpose, making decisions and ensuring prioritization based on clearly defined goals; planned delegation frees up your time to be a more effective leader.

Enhanced leadership effectiveness through a more strategic rather than tactical/operational approach, with clear and inspiring messages to motivate and engage your internal and external audiences.

Greater organizational stability, helping an organization (or individual for that matter) navigate through growth and change, with the ability to say “No” by having screening parameters in place to reference when new ideas come along.

Mission achievement with priorities and resources aligned and focused on greatest impact, with the communications strategies in place for outreach to clients, staff, board, donors and other key stakeholders.

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