Our services

JBL Strategies provides senior-level advisory and leadership training services, with a passion for working with nonprofits, small to medium-size socially responsible businesses, and government entities to succeed. Services include facilitation, strategic reviews, strategic planning, leadership development, organizational management, branding and communications. The firm works with clients to expand awareness, enhance performance, assure clarity of positioning and messaging, and build partnerships within the context of their strategic plan.


Strategic Reviews Assess an organization's current situation at a strategic level, making sure it is on a clear path.

Strategic Planning Development Work with leadership to clearly define vision, mission, priority areas, goals and strategies, along with the work plan and budget to execute it.

Project Facilitation & Development Work with diverse groups, bringing them together to achieve common, attainable goals. Provide a variety of facilitation roles depending on the organization's need - project or strategy driven.

Coaching Individually tailored coaching sessions that work with the client to increase effectiveness as a leader and to achieve greater results.

Leadership Training

Strategic Leadership Essentials Program
Workshop and personalized coaching sessions with a focus on integrating personal leadership development within the context of an organization's strategic direction and the importance of clear, consistent communications strategies for achieving greater results.

Board Leadership & Engagement Program
A customized Board development training program that works with nonprofit leaders to create more engaged, energized, and aligned boards. 

Customized Trainings
Leadership development, team building, and strategic identity guidance.

Webinars & Presentations
Overview on how organization leaders can step back to leadership success, using a condensed version of our SLE program model - customized to each audience.