Our Approach

JBL Strategies integrates leadership, strategy and communication into all its services. The firm is dedicated to providing nonprofits with tools to enhance Board and Staff leadership, implement effective strategies and ensure clear, consistent communications. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to achieve long-term sustainability. We collaborate with them to determine their needs and desired outcomes, and then work with them to develop a process for execution. Our focus is on assisting clients to set a clear strategic direction, engage stakeholders and communicate effectively to achieve projected results. We also ensure that when a project is over, the client has a plan for execution and accountability and we continue to be available to answer questions that may arise.


  • More than thirty years of experience in public relations, communications, marketing, association and nonprofit management, with emphasis on assessment, facilitation, planning and strategy development, and ensuring implementation.
  • Proven track record in evaluating and developing effective strategies for clients and bringing together diverse groups of people to achieve common goals.
  • Knowledge of how nonprofit organizations operate through serving as nonprofit board leaders, advisors to Boards and, in Jane's case, as an Executive Director multiple times.
  • Passion for helping organizations and individuals succeed.

Jane Baxter Lynn

Jane Baxter Lynn

An experienced strategic planner, facilitator, coach and communications strategist, Jane has over thirty years in communications, marketing, business development, and association & nonprofit management with Fortune 500 companies, industry and nonprofit associations, and quasi-government organizations. 

  • Head of the Women Communicators of Austin’s mentor program 
    • WCA Gene Waugh Mentor Award  (2014)
  • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Texas Chapter Board 
    • Green Hero Texas Leadership Award (2019)
    • Communications Committee 
    • Member of the State Advocacy Committee 
  • Wine & Food Foundation of Texas Advisory Council 
  • National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward 
  • Canine Companions for Independence Southcentral Region
    • Spokesperson
    • BBQ Co-host

For professional references, please visit Jane's LinkedIn profile.

Craig Snook

Craig Snook

A dynamic speaker, trainer and presenter, Craig Snook employs clarity, innovation and humor to deliver workshops to diverse audiences at all organizational levels. He has a passion for helping leaders grow and develop through proven techniques to strategically lead their organizations. With over three decades of experience in global leadership and strategy development in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, he is skilled in leadership coaching and remote team management with proven success.

  • Senior management teams at the Dow Chemical Company
  • Consultant with Executive Service Corps of Houston, an organization designed to promote best management practices in nonprofits
  • Past Board Chair of EcoRise, Board Chair at VELA, and past Board Member of the Caporal Assistance Network, three Austin area nonprofits.

Jane Baxter Lynn was awarded Women Communicators of Austin  Outstanding Member of the Year 2019 for her commitment to the organization in general over the past ten years and for her work in building the WCA Peer Mentor Program over the past five years.

Jane Baxter Lynn accepting the Women Communicators of Austin's 2014 Gene Barnwell Waugh Mentor Award for her commitment to mentoring

Jane Baxter Lynn accepting the Women Communicators of Austin's 2014 Gene Barnwell Waugh Mentor Award for her commitment to mentoring.